Modern Gold Rarities
Gold is beginning to reestablish itself in the the general consciousness as a time tested store of value and coin collectors have taken notice. Many coins and medals from the mid 20th century that were once bullion pieces are now hotly pursued collector's items. And Central Government mints in Paris, London, Utrecht, Jablonec, and British dependencis like Alderney, Ascension Island and St Helena and others are getting a piece of the action with new limited edition pieces sometimes with mintages as low as 20 pieces. Central Mints in Paris and London have even been striking "trial pieces" that are 1 of 1 and certain special restrikes for collectors that also appear to be 1 of 1. The market will set its own price for these modern rarities. And coins that once were sold by bulk bullion dealers have now made their way into the world's most exclusive collector auctions.
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2020 Gold Sovereign Trial Strike 1/1

7.98 grams, 916.7 gold

Obverse design by Jody Clark

Reverse design by Benedetto Pistrucci

Each die trial piece bears a security hallmark and a unique latent security feature both of which can be seen here on the obverse on either side of the Queen's head. These trial pieces are released periodically in auctions directly from the British mint.

PCGS Graded SP 69

With Royal Mint authentication tag

pcgs 47545937